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The Section of Clinical Faculty represents Physician Clinical Faculty members and supports them to provide excellent care to their patients and excellence in teaching.

The University Clinical Faculty Association (UCFA) was formed in 1998 following a period of dispute between members of Clinical Faculty and the Faculty of Medicine at UBC. This culminated with an agreement signed by the UBC Dean of Medicine and members of the UCFA entitled “Mutual Responsibilities and Obligations for Clinical Faculty and Faculty of Medicine” in 1999. This set the stage for various working groups to develop a contract and working conditions for Clinical Faculty within the University. In September 2007, in response to the expansion of the UBC Medical School, the BC Medical Association (BCMA) Board approved the formation of the BCMA Section of Clinical Faculty (SCF).

The SCF represents its members and works with the Doctors of BC (formerly BCMA) and UBC to promote excellence in teaching future Doctors, and excellence in patient care in order to promote the health of the citizens of BC.


Notice of AGM:

The Annual General Meeting of the DoBC Section of Clinical Faculty will be held on: 

Tuesday, April 16, 2024 from 6.00 to 8.00 pm, via Zoom.

Members have been sent the Zoom link for the meeting. If you missed this, please send an email to:

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